Pickup and Delivery

Thank you for choosing JW Confections and Desserts for your sweet occasion! Please refer to the guidelines below for the best buying experience. 

Ordering Guidelines

1. All orders must be placed 2 weeks prior to event date. If payment is not received in the allotted time frame, Contract will be null and void and deposit will not be refunded. Once a quote is given and the invoice is sent, if payment is not received within 24 hours the invoice and the order will be cancelled. 

2. A minimum 1 month notice is recommended for custom orders. Orders placed with less than a two week notice will incur additional late fee and require full payment at the time of booking. 

3. Adjustments may be made to design and flavors up to the due date of final payment. No changes may be made there after.

Pickup & Delivery

1. If you request to have your cake picked up by yourself or someone else, JW Confections and Desserts is not liable for any loss or damages to your order. Please drive safely and reframe from sudden stops. It is not recommended the cakes be held.

2. Please arrive in a timely manner. Prior to the date of event, the pickup location will be disclosed. A grace period of 15 minutes may be allotted. Further delays will result in the order pickup being rescheduled for the next available time slot (if available). 

3. At the time of Pickup and Delivery, Cakes/Cupcakes come directly from refrigeration to destination. Please allow approximately 2 hours for cake to come to room temperature.

4. Cakes must be transported on a flat surface. It is recommended that cake box is placed on the floor of vehicle or on the seat with seatbelt for added security. If your vehicle does not have leveled seats, please bring a large towel to level surface.

5. We offer delivery within the United States with a minimum order of $150.00. Please make sure you enter the correct shipping address to avoid delivery issues.